Black Gold Premium Pet Food

Imagine if you had a team who could help you execute creative ideas and campaigns…

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. The story goes something like this…

We sit in marketing meetings and whiteboard all sorts of great ideas. Then we leave the meeting and nothing gets done.

Been there before? There now?

You’re not alone.

Many companies, especially small to mid-size brands, don’t lack creative ideas. They lack the muscle, resources, grit, and hard work it takes to bring those ideas to life and execute them in a compelling way.

Our friends at Black Gold Pet Food found themselves in a similar situation. A terrific brand, a great product, and awesome marketing plans.

But spread thin, lacking the resources it takes to develop the voice and bring the brand to life.

Our engagement with them started early in the creative process. They were in the middle of a brand relaunch of their core portfolio.

New packaging, new positioning, new distribution.

Lots of opportunity. Which also means lots of ways balls could get dropped.

We came alongside to help them develop their voice through website copy and product positioning.

We helped them develop a tagline that resonated with their customers and provided a launching point for campaigns that connected to new customers.

We wrote sales materials, commercial copy, video scripts, social media posts, consumer campaigns.

We developed relationships with influencers who use their products.

We cared deeply for helping them execute the creative ideas, not just letting them get stuck on a whiteboard.

“Having the Guild team as part of our marketing efforts has proven to be one of the smartest decisions we’ve made in reestablishing our successful brand. Their creativity, care for our business and, ultimately, the way they execute and get stuff done is top-notch,” said Kelly Francis, Marketing Manager for Black Gold Pet Food.

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