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Imagine if your social media engagement went through the roof…

We all know the feeling when we have a creative idea, or a big company announcement, or a new product launch…

Social media is free, so let’s flood the platforms with our big news!

We get creative ready, we write the copy, we hit ‘post’, and then sit around and wait for the likes, comments, and shares to roll in….

And then?

Your grandma in Iowa likes the post.

What if social media could be used as an engagement platform instead of a spammy sales feed?

What if you could create authentic, human connection that disarmed and delighted instead of clogged up feeds?

Imagine real people saying lovely things about you on social instead of doing their best to ignore you?

That would be cool, huh?

Well, it’s exactly what our clients experience. From major national brands to super-local small businesses, the content our team creates connects with the emotions and desires of real people they care about.

Take our friends in the plumbing business, for example, Quality Plumbing, Inc. The family-owned North Kansas City service company knew they had a powerful story to tell on social, but they lacked the time, resources, and framework for that story to resonate.

Inconsistent publishing, posts that didn’t resonate, and no real clue how to target their ideal audience were a few of their challenges.

With a few conversations, we helped them lay out a framework that took them from spammy, lame posts to content that connects.

With a consistent focus on humanizing their team (their plumbers are awesome and most of them have amazing beards), highlighting their residential and commercial clients, showcasing the kind words they’ve received on Google and Facebook reviews, and engaging their audience with meaningful contests and relevant copy, the one-year results have been anything other than 💩 (we get to use fun emojis with them too).

During this period, we’ve helped them:
• Establish a consistent content calendar and voice (average of 24 posts per month on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all of which are relevant photos of their team in the field)
• Increase impressions 97% across all channels
• Skyrocket engagement by 564% across those same channels

“Guild Content has managed our social media strategy and created content for us for over a year now. We are extremely satisfied with their team and their overall commitment to meeting and exceeding our constantly changing needs. If I could give them 6 stars, I would,” said Daniel Gray, Owner.

In this Engagement Economy we’re all living in, it’s not enough to simply post on social. Companies must have a strategic plan to ideate, create compelling content, execute those campaigns, analyze the results, and drive engagement with people who love what they offer.

And beyond the engagement, this strategy leads to increased sales and profits.

Quality Plumbing, Inc. just finished their strongest fiscal year in history. The credit goes to their owners and team, but we’re certain that a lively, engaging social media feed has undoubtedly helped.

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