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Imagine if people did more business with you because they trusted your voice.

Wouldn’t that be something?

To get there, though, you have to first ask the tough, honest question…are we communicating in trustworthy ways now?

Do we really have the best interest in mind of the people who buy our stuff?

Are we really shaping our story through their lens and experience?

Or are we basically just telling them they should buy our things…because, well…we say so!

Many companies make marketing way too complicated. Let’s put it this way…

In a real-life encounter, do you trust this person?

The dude who won’t stop talking about himself?

Or the gal who seems to brag and name drop nonstop?

What if that same guy asked you a bunch of questions about yourself instead? Think that would foster trust?

Or that same lady complimented you and said how impressive it is that you know someone she doesn’t? Think you’d be more willing to trust her?

Uh, yeah. You would.

Many of our clients have experienced the business version of this scenario. The desire to build trust. The hope of engaging their community in authentic, connected ways.

But saying it and doing it consistently are two VERY different things.

Enter two of the best, nicest dentists in KC.

In real life, these guys drip trust-building skills from their scrubs. Their chair-side manner is enviable. Patients love them. And they love their staff.

You feel warm, invited, and welcomed when you’re in their office.

But before we came into the picture, their digital voice was well…not the same.

And they’re far from alone; many small businesses don’t have the resources or skills so they look to outsource marketing functions.

And that’s what happened here. Because of the trusted relationship we formed, we began implementing a holistic effort to help their digital voice match their real, human, in-person voice.

A fresh look and rebrand. A consistent storytelling email newsletter. A focus on driving Facebook and Google reviews from happy patients. An effort at increasing Google clicks through that many times confusing SEO acronym. A consistent, compelling, connecting social media presence.

And maybe beyond all that, an intentional effort at humanizing their team…taking the inpatient experience to the World Wide Web. Or at least the KC North Wide Web.

And lo and behold, it’s working.

What once was a declining new patient intake is now up 22%.

What once was primarily a word of mouth referral network has now seen dozens of inbound patients.

What once was a stagnant review source has now become a steady stream of happy, five-star reviewing patients.

And the best part? We think the best is yet to come…because they’re the best in KC North.

“Without question, our engagement with Guild Content has taken our practice to a new level, both from a marketing perspective but also from a financial one. Seeing patients, hearing their stories, getting to know them and their families, and guiding them towards dental health is the best part of our job. Guild has made it easy to translate that love to our digital efforts as well.” – Dr. Grant Smith

Put simply, if you want to grow your business and increase your bottom line, maybe it’s time to ask the question…are our marketing efforts trustworthy?

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