Imagine if your content strategy didn’t stay in brainstorm land but actually got executed consistently…

Ever had that frustration?

The one where you spent the time to identify a terrific strategy and then… well, crickets.

In today’s world of marketers wearing multiple hats, running from meeting to meeting, and being under-resourced and over-stressed, this a challenge we see all the time.

Around here, we like to say, “Execution trumps ideas.”

Of course, good ideas are necessary, but let’s be real. We all have a million good-ish ideas, but the real test is how many of those ideas get executed.

We have friends in the beef industry and, we’re biased, but we think they’re the best in the business. Humble, hardworking, values-based, results-oriented. Just terrific people.

For years now, they’ve wanted to launch an internal communication newsletter to speak about the incredible things taking place in their company of over 8,500 employees across the globe. Reinforce company culture, build morale, inform team members, increase loyalty. These big goals and specific vision were a terrific idea.

They wanted a unifying message, a piece they could use to showcase the stories of employees and humanize the team who roll up their sleeves and work hard each and every day.

They desired a publication that employees took ownership of and took pride in each quarter.

But how does it get executed?

In our conversations with their leadership team, we built a quarterly framework where our team would source stories, lead interviews, write articles, project-manage the publication and, ultimately, deliver a compelling collection of content to the homes of employees so they and their families could read about the great work of the National Beef family.

The results have been tremendous.

"We're so proud of the work we've done with Guild Content to create a quarterly newsletter that is sent to over 1,100 management employees system-wide.  Our employees have enjoyed discussing and sharing these stores with their families and friends because they are so compelling to read! Guild continues to be a critical partner in this important project." Marcy Johnson, Director of Corporate Communication’s success.”

Instead of being stuck in brainstorm land or buried in a business plan, National Beef employees now have a consistent quarterly newsletter, chock full of relevant, timely, compelling stories.

And they love it.

"We've enjoyed telling the stories of our most valuable resource...our people. Guild Content has been a trusted partner to help bring these stories to life," Tim Klein, CEO

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