April 22, 2022

Kemet Coleman, the unofficial Creative Director of Kansas City, on art, beer, transit, and redefining the cultural identity of Kansas City

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Kemet Coleman is an urbanist, artist, entrepreneur, and activist, to name a few. 


Born and raised a KC native, Coleman grew up in a household motivated to seek justice for our city. After dabbling in music and theatre, he found his path through an urban studies class. This father of three thrives on helping KC see itself in a creative way and for who we really are. 


“The cultural identity that is soaking into the soil of the city enhances the city’s cultural identity.”


Take a listen as Coleman describes:

-How to approach creating art and storytelling

-Using music, beer, and art to uplift and awaken our city

-Overcoming suburbanization and geographic racism on the East side of KC

-Making gentrification dollars work for everybody

-The vital role of mobility in a city and its tie to wealth and innovation


-Follow Kemet on Instagram at: @KemetColeman

-Find Kemet’s band on twitter at: @ThePhantastic

-Discover his work by checking out:

   –2000 Vine 

   –Vine Street Brewing


   –Kemmet Creative


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