April 12, 2022

Story 77: Inside Guild Content on Cultivating A Culture That Tells The Truth In Life And Business

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A discussion on swimming upstream to create work that matters with team members Devin Simmons, Director of Digital Marketing, Racheal Burnett, VP of Creative, and Colin Potter, VP of Business Operations.

In the past 5 years, our team has grown from one guy with a laptop to 12 kind, brilliant people. It’s a plane being built in flight, and the biggest thing we’ve learned: work with good humans that want to do good work.

Listen in as we discuss:
-Where story and strategy intersect
-The importance of listening in storytelling
-The discipline of taking time off
-Finding work-life harmony
-Addressing the scarcity mindset and the endless hustle
-The difference between real work and staying busy
-Letting go of your ego to provide your team opportunity to grow
-Swimming upstream to tell every brand’s story with integrity

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