March 25, 2022

Story 75: Professor Dave Geenens on Infusing Faith in Enterprise to Create Business that Benefits Everybody

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Hear from Professor Dave Geenens, author and professor at Benedictine College, on his journey of building businesses on the pillars of virtue and challenging the status quo. 

Geenes incorporates counter-cultural business practices to make money while making your business one that benefits everybody. In our discussion, he imparts his wisdom on:

-Expanding your comfort zone to create opportunities

-Re-defining leadership as “the art of maximizing cooperation” 

-Challenging the old ideology that business is only about maximizing shareholder wealth

-Getting back to our moral foundation 

-Combining virtues with virtues of faith to develop businesses that address social justice and responsibility

Check out one of his four books:

“Truth in the Transcendent Business”

“Nothing is Free” 

“Leaders Slip”

“Arise, Life-Changing Truths for the Tormented Leader”

Contact Geenens through his blog or by sending him an e-mail.

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