March 02, 2022

Story 74: The Orchard, Vol. 1 On Leadership Frameworks, Extending Mercy, and Maximizing Team Performance

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Hear from Bronson Ko and Cory Scheer, past guests of the Guild Stories podcast, in a new monthly format called The Orchard. This will be an evolving dialogue where Bronson, Cory, and Justin meander through a variety of topics including leadership, wellness, community, entrepreneurship, mindset, emotional health, marketing, technology, creativity, and whatever else may emerge.

This month’s conversation dives into:

  • Disappointing others at a rate they can handle

  • Competing frameworks within organizations

  • Extending and receiving mercy

  • Fixing yourself vs. focusing on yourself

  • Leading with a deeply rooted, strongly fortified identify

  • Being a Chief Reminding Officer

  • Emitting fragrance, not toxicity

  • How to not be an invasive species

And a lot more.

This month’s inspiration:

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